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At the start of the term, the children will be focusing on 'Our School Family' and being encouraged to talk about themselves. They will be remembering our 'Golden Rules' and thinking about how to be a good friend and how to look after our school environment. 

This will be followed by our challenge questions 'How was transport different in the past?’ and ‘What do we know about trees?’. The children will be learning about cars, trains and planes from the past, present and future.  

We will also be linking work from 'Harvest' to the curriculum and the children will take part in our virtual Harvest Celebrations.  We will be looking at the work of  Giuseppe Arcimboldo  who used fruit and vegetables to create his pictures, alongside creating self-portraits, using line drawing, collage and sketching skills. Computing will involve learning about algorithms (sets of instructions) and using various programs to support this.  

In Science we will be learning about the human body and our senses, where we will have the opportunity to explore our Sensory Garden. We will also be looking at seasonal change in our Wild Garden, types of trees in our school grounds and recording the Autumnal weather. 

The children will also be celebrating ‘European Languages Day’ and will be having a French breakfast, where they will be able to taste various foods. 


Immediately after half term, the children will be learning some Hindu customs around the festival of 'Diwali', the ‘Hindu Festival of Light’. 

The challenge question we are looking at this half term is ‘What are the differences between old and new toys?’ 

The children will be focusing on 'Toys and Celebrations'. We hope there will be a trip to Warrington Museum to compare old and new toys, this links in with our Science topic on materials and our History topic on toys. Children will be encouraged to bring in toys from parents and grandparents to compare with toys from today. 

We are also working on 'Bonfire' poems and thinking about 'Remembrance Day'. 

In Science we will be learning about materials and their properties, as well as continuing to look at seasonal changes in our school grounds. 

We will be talking about celebrations at Christmas including 'Christingle' and the children will be looking at ‘How do we celebrate?' in ICT and we will be creating a card digitally using our word processing skills. 

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