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At the start of the Summer Term, Year 1 will be looking at the plants and animals you find in woodland habitats.  This term the children will be learning about different animals and they will begin to investigate animal groups, carnivores, herbivores and omnivores. 

The children will be working on information texts and linking their writing to their Science work about animals.  We will also be doing imaginative writing about a special, secret, little creature who will be visiting our classrooms.  

All the children will be looking at the work of Georgia O’Keefe and we will be creating our own pictures. 

In Computing, the children will be learning to understand and follow algorithms as well as continuing to use a range of different apps on the iPads to support their learning.   In Outdoor PE we will be working on throwing and catching skills and we will be using the apparatus in Indoor PE. 

The children will be making minibeast bookmarks in DT and will be looking at Hinduism in RE. In Geography we will be looking at the characteristics of the four countries in the United Kingdom and learning the names of their capital cities. 


In the second half of the Summer Term, Year 1 will be visiting Walton Gardens, where they will be looking at plants. 

In History, the children will learn about The Victorians, including life as a servant and objects that you find in a Victorian home. Also, Queen Victoria, where the children will make comparisons to Queen Elizabeth II. 

 In Art, the children will be looking at large buildings as an inspiration for drawing and collage work. 

In English we will be writing recounts of our visit and enjoying the story ‘Daydream Dan.’ We will also be looking at ‘The Tale of Peter Rabbit’, comparing it with ‘The Rabbit Problem’, by Emily Gravett.  

In Computing, the children will enjoy finding information about the past and asking and answering questions.  We will be using the app Book Creator to create bean diaries.  

In Science, the children will continue looking at changes in seasons and will be investigating the season of Summer.  They will be recording the daily temperature and looking at the changes in the weather.  Year 1 will also be learning about plants during this term, growing some beans and they will write a diary to record and measure the changes each week. 

In PE we will be concentrating on athletic skills and games.

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