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The topic for the first half term is ‘Which fairy tales are our favourite?' and the children will be looking at traditional stories and fairy tales. 

The children will be making towers in Design Technology. In Science, they will be carrying out a range of investigations linked to fairy tales using materials and looking at the question ‘What is the best material for a raft for the Three Billy Goats Gruff?’ Adrian Bowden, a Science specialist, will be delivering a workshop looking at different materials and their properties. 

In SMSC the children will be celebrating Chinese New Year and Geography work will focus on the weather. For their Art work, the children are looking forward to drawing their favourite fairy tale characters and fairy tale scenes.

Hopefully, towards the end of the half term Year One will be holding a "ball" for the children where they will create their own healthy banquet. Parents may like to start organising a costume for the ball. The children could wear princess or prince costumes or similar, as well as knights or another fairy tale character. 


This half term we are looking at 'What can we spy in our local area?' We will also be looking at hot and cold lands and the challenge question ‘Why can’t a meerkat live in the North Pole?’ and linking it to the text ‘Meerkat Mail’.  

In Science we are looking at changes in the Wild Garden, naming plants and flowers and looking at plant structure. We are also identifying common garden birds and describing their structure. 

In Geography we are going for a local area walk and studying human and physical features, maps of the UK and the countries in the UK. 

For History we are finding out about our local canal, The Bridgewater Canal, and about transport in the recent past and distant past. 

We will also be using our DT knowledge to create playground models and for Music we will be following Rhythm in the way we walk (action songs). 

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