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History is centred around our children’s knowledge and understanding of the wider world and community around them. Our children enjoy their history learning as they explore with their peers, collaborating and thinking creatively. They develop knowledge and skills for life, expressing their viewpoints and gaining a wider and more in depth understanding of the similarities and differences between life today and in the past.

We are very lucky that we are able to touch, see and explore a wealth of artefacts and photographs as sources of information. History is brought to life through stories and visitors at Cobbs. We often have theatre experiences to help the children immerse themselves and develop understanding of the particular area of History we are looking at, such as famous and significant people in History, like Neil Armstrong.

Children are also able to access local experiences that are planned through visits to museums and places of historical interest or importance.  In Year 2, the children visit Tatton Farm and experience a day in the life of a World War 2 evacuee, whilst Year 1 children learn about toys from the past during a Warrington Museum workshop, as well an experience at Tatton Mansion House where they learn about the Victorians. Our Reception children enjoy a visit from some tractors, giving them the opportunity to compare old and new and our Nursery children are always very excited by our visitors that help us understand more about our topic ‘People Who Help Us’.  See Our WOW Experiences below.

Our WOW Experiences

What History looks like in our school

During Early Years Foundation Stage, children begin to form the foundations for later work in history. Children have lots of opportunities to develop a sense of past and present, through lots of discussion. Children are encouraged to talk about their experiences of events, for example, Christmas and birthdays, using the language ‘yesterday’, ‘today’, ‘last week’. Children also examine appropriate artefacts (for example: Marvellous Me boxes or household artefacts) or discovering the meaning of old and new in relation to their own lives.

As children move into Key Stage 1, they continue to develop their understanding of past and present, looking at events that are significant nationally, such as The Great Fire of London or the first aeroplane flight. Children enjoy looking at the lives of significant individuals, as well as learning about rich historical changes in our very interesting local area of Appleton. See our work on the History of Our Local Area.

See what our children think about History in Pupil Voice below.

Pupil Voice



Year 1


Year 2

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