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We will start the term considering the question ‘How will five-a-day help me to stay healthy?’ This will lead into topic work about a healthy lifestyle and our work on fruits and vegetables will prepare us nicely for learning about Harvest. The children will have opportunities to develop their observational skills through art and science-based activities. We will use some of the healthy foods we learn about to design and make our own healthy pizzas. We will be studying world maps and learning about which continents and countries different food comes from and will discuss why they can’t all grow here. Science learning on health and growth will develop from this topic through the half term. 

Imaginative writing and research of the local area will lead into another topic with the question ‘What would a visitor find exciting about Appleton and our local area?’ Through this topic the children will be developing their narrative writing, factual writing and some poetry. Map skills will be developed in Geography as the children draw maps and plans of the local area. Computing will focus on programming a programmable toy to move around a class map of our local area. 

Other subjects will be taught outside the topic although links will be made where appropriate, for example problem solving and data handling will provide a link in Maths.


This half term we will be learning about the lives of famous people as a history based topic, starting with the question ‘Why were Neil Armstrong and Grace Darling very brave people?’  We will focus on a selection of famous people from the past starting with Guy Fawkes

We are planning to have a drama workshop to help us to find out why Neil Armstrong, the astronaut, became famous. 

Our Art focus will be learning about the life and work of  Henri Matisse.  We will especially focus on his use of colour and shape seen in the collages he created in his later life. 

People and events will be added to timelines to develop a sense of chronology. We will research about famous people using the Internet. 

We will use information and ideas from our Science workshop to learn about materials and help us to investigate and answer our challenge question 'What are things we use made of?'  This will include looking at some historical artefacts linked to the famous people and identifying materials used during their lifetime and those used for similar purposes today. 

We will be looking at different religious festivals including Christingle  and Hanukah. Towards Christmas we will learn carols and songs and share them via the website.

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