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This half term in Year 2 we are focusing on an exciting environment. We will learn about the Rainforest and make comparisons with our local area. We will begin with the key question of ‘What are the differences between Appleton and the Rainforest?’ 

Firstly we will research what a rainforest is like and learn about the climate and things that live there, consequently much of the focus will be on Geography and Science. The environmental issues threatening the rainforests will be introduced. We will undertake a mini art project to produce work inspired by Rousseau's jungle paintings. 

In Design and Technology we will be focusing on using textiles. We will be designing and making rainforest T-shirts that encourages people to save the rainforest. Opportunities will be taken to read and write non-fiction texts linked to the theme. We will learn about animals and plants in Science and relate this to the life in the rainforests and how living things are adapted to their habitats will be explored. 

Through our English work we will consider the question ‘Why do we remember The Great Fire of London?’ This will involve the children finding out about a major event from the past from different sources. We will focus on non-fiction texts and writing diary entries about the event. 


This half term we will be exploring another History based topic, starting with the question ‘What was it like for children living here during the Second World War?’  The children will engage in role play where they will experience something of the life of a child during World War Two.  They will learn about the life of evacuees and make comparisons with our lives now.  

We will also have a Science focus from the challenge question: ‘What could be moving around in our Wild Garden?’ We will look at plants and animals in our local environment. We will investigate life in our Wild Garden and do some classifying of animals. Science observation skills will be a focus, children will do observational drawing, painting and clay work in Art. 

In Maths in addition to the usual curriculum we will be categorizing and sorting information about living things. Our English work will include using non-fiction texts and we will be writing factual reports. We will also be writing recounts and other narrative writing.

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