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We welcome all the new children to our Nursery this academic year and also a welcome back to those children who have returned to Nursery after the holiday. 

Our initial topic for this term is ‘Special Places’ as we begin to learn about all the different places in Nursery and School. We will also be thinking about our home and places that we visit like the park and shops. Stories like ‘Shark in the Park’ and ‘Percy the Park Keeper’ will help us with our learning about places. Small world tables and role play areas will also be linked to our topic. In art and design we will be looking at our faces in the mirror and drawing self portraits. We will be starting to learn how to hold scissors and make snips in paper. 

Our traditional tale this half term will be ‘The Gingerbread Man’. We will be joining in with and retelling the story and inviting you to make your own gingerbread men and observing the changes as they cook. Our maths work will focus on numbers around us to 5. 

As always, we will be watching the weather carefully and observing the seasonal changes in our school grounds. We will be using leaves for printing using autumnal colours. Later in the term we will be learning about Harvest and taking part in the Harvest celebrations. 

This term we will also be learning the ‘Golden Rules’ and trying hard to be good listeners. We will be learning how to use all of the resources in nursery as well as how to be a good friend and share. Towards the end of this half term we will take part in PE in the school hall and learning to take off and put on our shoes and socks independently. Again, later this term we will visit the computer suite where we will begin to use the mouse to click and drag to make pictures. 


Our topic title for Nursery this half term is ‘Light and Dark’. We will be finding out about Diwali, the 'Hindu Festival of Light.’ Following that, we will be reading the book ‘Owl Babies’ and learning about nocturnal animals and animals that live in our woods. Role play and small world tables will support our learning about nocturnal animals. In art we will be making hedgehogs and owls from clay. We will be reading the book ‘Whatever Next’ thinking about night time and the dark. In Science we will be using torches to explore light and dark. In Geography we will be exploring simple maps and using vocabulary like ‘next to’ and ‘behind’.  

In maths we will be continuing to develop our number knowledge and learning more number songs like ‘5 little owls’ and ‘5 little fireworks’.  We will also be solving autumn number problems like how many spikes are on our hedgehogs. Times of the day will also be an important theme for this term and we will be sorting pictures into day time and night time as well as thinking about morning, afternoon and night. 

As the term continues, we will begin to get ready for Christmas by learning songs to sing around the Christmas Tree.  We will also be getting excited for some very special and magical visitors! 

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