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In our School we have adopted ‘The Golden Rules and Golden Time’ as an engaging way of making our behaviour expectations clear to children and rewarding them for their positive behaviour.

Golden Rules and Golden Time

Golden Time is a weekly whole class activity session to celebrate keeping the Golden Rules which reinforce our School’s core values. Golden Time activities are special activities that the children have chosen and enjoy doing.

Research shows that the removal of a privilege or treat is the best sanction or consequence, and therefore using our colourful, visual warning system (the sun and the cloud), minutes of Golden Time may be taken away for persistently breaking the Golden Rules.  With a consequence for their actions, children learn about the difference between positive behaviour by keeping to the Golden Rules, and disruptive or unhelpful behaviour that stops everyone moving forward. This system is helpful for our children because they enjoy and look forward to the Golden Time activities, they understand the system which is fair and the same rules are applied throughout the school.

Our Golden Rules

  • We work hard, we do not waste time.
  • We are respectful, we say 'please', 'thank you', 'I'm sorry' and 'excuse me'; we accept an adult’s decisions and follow their instructions and we show respect for adults and each other.
  • We are gentle and kind, we do not hurt anybody and we do not hurt other people’s feelings.
  • We listen, we don’t interrupt.
  • We keep safe, we walk quietly inside school in an orderly manner at all times, use equipment sensibly and play safely with each other.
  • We look after property, we do not waste or damage things.
  • We are honest, we do not cover up the truth.
Behaviour - Our Golden Rules

Friendship and Anti-bullying

Our school ethos underpins our behaviour and anti-bullying policies. At our School we have a strong focus on helping children to understand what it is to be a good friend and to respect one another. We help children understand how their behaviour might affect others and we teach every child to say, ‘Stop, I don’t like that,’ if another child is doing something that makes them uncomfortable or unhappy. This gives everyone the chance to modify their behaviour before an adult needs to step in and regulate it for them.

Our anti-bullying policy makes it clear that, despite the young age of our children, staff are aware of the potential for unkind behaviour leading to bullying and should this be the case, they work with both sets of children and their families to help remedy the situation. Our course of action is fully explained in the two policies below.


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