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Schools are required to publish certain information online.  Below is the statutory information that the school must provide for parents and the general public.

School Details

The Cobbs Infant and Nursery School
Wood Lane,

Headteacher: Mrs. Lyndsey Glass

Deputy Headteacher: Mrs. Sarah Taylor

Assistant Headteacher: Mrs. Sue Collins

SENDCO: Mrs. Laura Palfreyman

Telephone: 01925 264616
Fax: 01925 262504
Email: Cobbs_Infant@warrington.gov.uk

All enquiries should be addressed to the Headteacher.

Admissions Information

Our Admissions Information

Ofsted Information

Ofsted Information

Statutory Assessment Results


 EYFS   Assessments 2020 2019 2018 2017 Latest LA Latest National
 Good level of   Development (%) N/A due to Covid-19 75.6 76.0 73.8 72.8 71.5*

*2018 National figure


 Phonics   Assessments (Y1) 2020 2019 2018 2017 Latest LA Latest National
 % reaching   expected or   exceeding level  N/A due to Covid-19 87 91.6 89.8 83.9 82.5*

*2018 National figure

 Key Stage 1 Assessments   (Y2) % achieving expected standard or above

Reading Writing Maths RWM
The Cobbs Infant   School (2020) N/A due to Covid-19 N/A due to Covid-19 N/A due to Covid-19 N/A due to Covid-19
The Cobbs Infant   School (2019) 87 81 89 76
 The Cobbs Infant   School (2018) 82.8 81.6 83.9 77.0
 The Cobbs Infant   School (2017) 85.6 82.2 88.9 75.6
 National Average (2018) 75.4 69.9 76.1 65.3

Key Stage 1 Assessments   (Y2) % achieving greater depth standard

Reading Writing Maths RWM
The Cobbs Infant   School (2020) N/A due to Covid-19 N/A due to Covid-19 N/A due to Covid-19 N/A due to Covid-19
The Cobbs Infant   School (2019) 44 26 35 23
 The Cobbs Infant   School (2018) 41 23 38 20

Performance Tables

As an Infant School we do not have Key Stage 2 performance data available on this link. To see our statutory assessment results see the Statutory Assessment Results section above.

DfE Performance Tables

Curriculum Information

Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum Statement

Key Stage One Curriculum Statement

Our Phonics Curriculum

Information on Reading can be found in the English section under the Curriculum tab, click here to see our Reading information.

Further subject information on the curriculum can be found under the Curriculum tab and information regarding the statutory curriculums can be found on the DfE website. We follow the Lancashire Agreed Syllabus for RE. This covers the beliefs, practices and values of the Christian, Jewish and Hindu religions.

Behaviour Information

Our Behaviour Information

School Complaints Procedure

The complaints procedure for special educational needs mirrors the school’s other complaints procedures. Should a parent or carer have a concern about the special provision made for their child they should in the first instance discuss this with the class teacher. If the matter is not resolved satisfactorily parents have recourse to the following:

  • Discuss the problem with the SENDCO
  • Discuss the problem with the Headteacher
  • Parents are informed about Information Advice and Support Services (formerly Parent Partnership)
  • More serious on-going concerns should be presented in writing to the SEND Governor, who will inform the Chair of the Governors or School Adviser.

Pupil Premium Funding Information

Pupil Premium Strategy to be reviewed each Autumn term.

Sports Premium Funding Information

Our Sports Premium Information

Special Educational Needs and Disability (SEND) Information

Our Special Educational Needs and Disability Information

Equality Information

Our Equality Information

Safeguarding Information

Our Safeguarding Information

Health and Safety

Charging and Remissions Information

The School's Ethos and Values

Our Aims of the School

Requests for Paper Copies

Paper copies of information on our website can be requested free of charge from the School Office.

Financial Information

Schools are responsible for a significant amount of public expenditure. Every year our financial data are published, and are viewable by schools, and members of the public, on a national website. This can also be used to compare information between schools, locally & nationally.

It is a requirement that schools publish the number of employees on salaries of £100,000 or more - The Cobbs Infant and Nursery School has no employees with this criteria. 

To view our financial information, please see the link below:

Our Financial Information

Covid Catch Up Strategy


If you cannot find the information you are looking for, please contact us.

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