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Reception to Year 1 (Early Years to Key Stage 1)

The curriculums for Early Years and Key Stage 1 are different, also the learning environments have some differences. We recognise that transition does not just happen on the day they actually move into Year 1 but it is a process that goes on over a few terms. We begin to prepare our children for the move whilst they are still in Reception. During their last half term the children are given a few opportunities to visit their new classroom and teacher so they become familiar with their new learning environment. We also provide opportunities for the children to become more independent so they are not as reliant on teaching assistants as there is less teaching assistant support available in Key Stage 1. Children have opportunities to ask questions and share concerns with their Reception teacher.

Year 1 teachers meet with the Reception teachers and discuss each child. Assessments are discussed and from these the Year 1 teachers plan very carefully for the first term. During the first few days in Year 1 their familiar Reception teaching assistant spends time in the classroom. At first, Year 1 staff ensure that many of the Early Year teaching strategies are used so the transition to a more formal curriculum is gradual.

Year 2 to Year 3 (Key Stage 1 to Key Stage 2)

When our children leave at the end of Key Stage One they automatically transfer to Broomfields Junior School, which is just a short walk away.  We liaise regularly with the Junior School staff and the transfer of the children is well managed to ensure continuity. This move at the end of a Key Stage is extremely beneficial to the children, they benefit from specialised resources and staff in the respective schools and find the subsequent transfer to High School less daunting.


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