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In addition to helping our children to care about each other, we also encourage them to respect the environment. We received the Bronze Eco-School Award to recognise our achievement in working towards a sustainable lifestyle.

Print Cartridge Recycling

We no longer recycle printer cartridges in school.

Pen Recycling

As we are now a public collection point for Pen Recycling this allows the school to receive the money for the pens we recycle. Due to this we now have a new collection point in the School Entrance. Each class still has a box for collecting used pens which are then recycled by Terracycle and the whole school collection point is in our Baking Area.

Saving Paper

We communicate by e-mail with all parents and carers who request it. This has resulted in a significant saving in the amount of paper we use! We also have paper recycling boxes in all our classrooms and offices.

Water Recycling

At The Cobbs we are very conscious that water is a valuable and precious resource. That is why we have installed two water butts. These enable us to collect and recycle rain water, which would otherwise be wasted, and to use it for watering the plants in our growing area/kitchen garden.

Used Postage Stamps

Please donate your used postage stamps which should be given to the School Office as this provides support for children with kidney disease.

Environmental Officers

A group of our Year 2 children also work as our Environmental Officers. They work hard to think of ideas to make our school more eco-friendly. We recycle the plastic milk bottle tops and redistribute them to our Workshop Areas in Reception and Year 1.  Past projects include recycling Christmas cards and donating them to the Marks and Spencer ‘Plant a Tree’ Scheme.

The Wild Garden

The school has a well established Wild Garden which has been improved and made more accessible for children by the provision of paths, benches, nesting boxes and bird hides.  Fruit trees and flowering plants help to make the area an ideal habitat for a range of birds and insects, and we are also visited by the occasional squirrel!  The children enjoy helping to encourage birds to come into the garden by keeping the bird tables and feeders stocked.  The area is often visited by pupils in the school and is regularly used as a cross-curricular learning resource.

Outdoor Growing Area

Cobbs' children have always grown plants in the classroom environment as part of their learning and we have our very own Sensory Garden and Vegetable Garden.  Amongst other things we grow broad beans, runner beans, potatoes, carrots, rhubarb and strawberries, all of which will be used by the school when they are harvested.  The flowering plants, which have been planted alongside the fruit and vegetables, attract the flying insects needed for pollination and also provide a welcome display of colour!

Rainforest Project

Each year Year 2 children study the ecology of the rainforests. They discuss environmental issues including the destruction of these fragile habitats and the impact of this on the animals and plants that we would find there.


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