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sTAFF (2021-2022)

Acting Headteacher

Mrs. Sarah Taylor

Nursery Staff


Mrs. Grogan and Mrs. Hensley

Teaching Assistants

Nursery (3-4 year old Provision)

Mrs. Warburton, Mrs. Cooper and Mrs. Waters

Cygnets (2 year old Provision)

Mrs. Haley, Mrs. Doyle and Miss Minshull

Reception Staff


Mrs. Collins (Assistant Headteacher and EYFS Team Leader) and Mrs. Palfreyman (SENDCo) - Class 1

Miss Groves - Class 2

Mrs. Horton - Class 3

Teaching Assistants

Mrs. Russell - Class 1

Mrs. Cartledge - Class 2

Mrs. Watts - Class 3

Year 1 Staff


Mrs. Clarke - Class 4

Mrs. Gleave - Class 5

Mr. Hughes - Class 6

Year 2 Staff


Miss Fletcher - Class 7

Mrs. Clayton  - Class 8 

Mrs. Fleming - Class 9

KS1 Teaching Assistants

Mrs. Lloyd, Mrs. Stead, Mrs. Tidd and Miss Arnett

Office Staff

Mrs. Bianchi - School Business Manager

Mrs. Hanberry - Senior Finance and Admin Officer

Mrs. Hatfield - Admin Assistant

Support Staff

Mr. Ryan - Site Manager

Mrs. Owens - IT Technician

Mrs. Hughes - Library Assistant

Kitchen Staff

Mrs. Heakin - Cook in Charge

Kitchen Assistants

Mrs. Baker, Ms. Barker, Miss Connelly, Mrs. Harrison and Mr. Schuster

Midday Staff

Ms. Boyle, Mrs. Campbell, Mrs. Foster, Miss Hampton, Mrs. Hernandez, Miss McInnes, Miss Noden, Mrs. Ryan, Mrs. Phillips, Mrs. Sowden and Miss Wilks


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