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Maths is a skill that we use constantly and is an essential part of everyday life. We believe that unlocking mathematical fluency is a vital life skill for all learners and is a pre-requisite to being able to reason and solve problems mathematically. Our aim is to develop a positive culture of deep understanding, confidence and competence in maths that produces strong, secure learning.  We intend for children to develop a love and enthusiasm for maths that will grow and empower them in future life.

What Maths looks like in our school

In the EYFS there is a strong focus on counting and understanding of numbers to ten. Our continuous provision areas are carefully planned to give children frequent and varied opportunities to build and apply this understanding whilst enjoying themselves. Children also have rich opportunities to explore shape, space and measure and develop their reasoning skills. Our skilled staff interact effectively with the children to encourage them to look for patterns, spot connections and talk about what they notice. This strong grounding in number gives children the necessary building blocks to excel in maths as they move into Key Stage 1 and beyond. See What Maths looks like in our school above.

At our school we ‘teach for mastery’ in maths which means that our classroom practice and school organisation combine to give our children the best chance of mastering maths. We have adopted the Power Maths scheme in Reception and Key Stage 1 as we believe the child-centred lessons design, model and embed a growth mindset approach to maths enabling all our children to achieve a deep understanding of maths concepts.  From beginning in nursery children are taught key mathematical vocabulary which is built on throughout the school so that children can explain their reasoning and talk about maths effectively. See Pupil Voice below to find out what our children think about Power Maths.         

An introduction to Power Maths

Our WOW Experiences

We want children to enjoy maths and see the importance of maths in everyday life. For this reason we plan engaging maths activities outside the classroom and make explicit links with maths and other subjects. We take every opportunity to promote maths and engage children in ‘real-life’ maths experiences. For example the Big School Birdwatch or casting ballots to vote on whole school issues. See Our WOW Experiences for further examples.

To support children and parents at home we use School Jam which is a maths practice app aligned to our Power Maths lessons. Teachers send home weekly fun maths activities to help build maths confidence and engage parents with their children’s learning.

An introduction to School Jam

Pupil Voice

Reception 2 edited.MOV

Reception pupils' thoughts about Maths


Year 2 cropped.MOV

Year 2 pupils enthusing about Power Maths


Year 1

Year 2


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