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Geography is about people, places and the world around us. Children see Geography each day as they learn to make sense of the world and move about within it.

What Geography looks like in our school

Curriculum - Geography

In Year 1 children focus on the local area. They go out in the local area and investigate human and physical geographical features. We are lucky that within a ten minute walk from school all of these features are available to them: shops, different types of housing, woodland, stream, bridge, canal, aqueduct, church, farm, Millennium Green recreation area, fields, roads, paths, street signs, post box, leisure centre, junior school, primary school, high school, traffic lights and elderly people’s homes. Also it is a short walk to ponds, park, library, ship canal and village centre with many different buildings and amenities. The children will go out in this geographically rich environment and engage in simple fieldwork. During Year 1 children also learn about contrasting distant localities such as the Arctic and Antarctic and other places through stories and topics. They use globes and maps to identify the countries of the UK and their capital cities. They make maps and learn from many secondary sources. They observe and record the weather and changing seasons.

Aspects of Geography appear within the Area of Learning called Understanding the World in the Early Years Foundation Stage Framework, which is the curriculum for our Nursery and Reception children.  In Key Stage One we teach the National Curriculum for Geography. Most Geography is taught through topics using cross curricular links to make it relevant to the children.

We are fortunate that our school is in a rich environment with many diverse geographical features within a short walk.

In EYFS the children learn about their immediate locality so they learn about places around our school and grounds. They learn about familiar features such as houses, farms and shops building on their everyday experiences. They will encounter distant places through topics and stories. The children observe and discuss the weather regularly during EYFS, becoming familiar with types of weather and how it can affect us such as needing coats when it is cold. The children also learn about the different jobs which people do in our community.

During Year 2 children study a distant place beyond Europe such as Africa. They contrast this locality with their own local area. They make judgements about places saying what they like and don’t like about different localities. They learn about the rainforests and their environmental problems. During the year they visit a contrasting locality such as a place on the coast and contrast the geography of that place with our local area. Maps, atlases and globes are used throughout the year and children develop their skills using these. Children have opportunities to research places using the computer, iPads, books, pictures and photographs.

Our school environment encourages interest in the world around us. We have an aerial photograph and street map displayed for children to become familiar with. We have giant UK and world maps in our playground along with compass points. Trails around our building and grounds are created often linked to other subjects.

Evidence of Geography

Cygnets Nursery Reception Year 1 Year 2


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