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Our geography curriculum is centred around our children’s knowledge and understanding of the wider world and community around them. Through developing a sense of place, geography at Cobbs inspires a curiosity, love of learning and appreciation of the environment. Our children are equipped with knowledge of diverse places and people. Through exploration and collaborative learning, they develop skills for life in observing, communicating and comparing what they learn about the world around them.

What Geography looks like in our school

In EYFS, children begin to develop their geographical knowledge by exploring features of our school and nursery. Maps and atlases are used to investigate different places as we begin to compare and contrast different environments. Children have rich opportunities to make use of school grounds to enhance and apply their skills as geographers. Throughout the year, children observe and discuss the weather and seasonal changes. Children also learn about the different jobs which people do in our community.

As children move into KS1, they build on these strong foundations, developing their locational awareness, geographical skills and knowledge of physical and human geography. As well as learning about local geography, children enjoy having the opportunity to learn about different countries and places around the world including the Australian outback, the rainforests and Africa. See What Geography looks like in our school above.

See what our children think about Geography in Pupil Voice below.

At our school, the local area and our school grounds are at the heart of our geography curriculum. Children develop a sense of place in relation to their own environment and an understanding of the physical world around them and their community. We encourage our children to appreciate places and people all over the world. From starting in nursery, children are taught key geographical vocabulary which is then built upon as they progress through school. Through our geography curriculum, children also begin to understand the need to respect and care for the natural environment.

Our WOW Experiences

Our children’s learning is enriched through a variety of experiences to enhance their knowledge of the world around them. Our school grounds and local area provide excellent opportunities for fieldwork including walks around the local area, exploring our wild woodland and trips to the local library and church. Children also enjoy a range of geography trips including visits to the farm and nature reserve. See Our WOW Experiences above.

Pupil Voice

Reception pupils talking about Geography.MOV

Reception pupils talking about geography


Year 1

Year 2


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