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At The Cobbs Infant and Nursery School we follow the Lancashire Agreed Syllabus for RE. This covers the beliefs, practices and values of the Christian, Jewish and Hindu religions.

The Syllabus teaches the children to learn about and reflect on Shared Human Experience, Beliefs and Values, Living Religious Traditions and Search for Personal Meaning.

Children enjoy a range of activities including exploring artefacts, tasting foods and learning stories related to a variety of festivals, for example Diwali. We also enjoy responding to the diverse religious and cultural backgrounds within our school community and have visitors share celebrations such as Chinese New Year and the Islamic festival of Eid-al-Fitr with the children. A big part of our school year is Christingle in December. The children enjoy making Christingles to bring home in their classrooms and learn about their significance in our special Christingle assembly.

The children look forward to their RE lessons and show maturity and respectfulness when discussing their learning.

Curriculum - RE


Examples of Children's Work

A child’s example of a traditional Irish Blessing

May you be happy every day

May you be brave when you fall over

May God send a rainbow to you in sad times

May you be happy when getting hurt

May you be kind and helpful to your frends

May you not shout at you’re frends

He doesn’t have legs or a face or a body but he has a voice

God only has a voice

I was resilient when my Grandma died I wanted to cry but I didn’t……..but then I did

I wonder if Jesus did save the world.


I saw Mary cradling her new born baby

I noticed it looked like an unusual baby

I heard nothing because everyone was staring at the light of the world

I wanted to say I love you love you love you Lord Jesus

I touched the soft skin of the donkey

I felt happy for him to have been born

I tasted the black and white cows milk

It reminded me of when my sister was born

I could smell the love of Mary and Jesus

It was like love is in the world from now on

I wondered how Mary was feeling

We will remember…..

The German people were having a war. We remember our country because a lot of people risked their life only for us to have a free life. We remember it because of what they did very kindly. So they have two minute thinking time. Some people go to church to pray for the very kind people. We wear poppies to remember them because they were very very very kind and brave.

I’m praying. I close my eyes and sit down with my hands out

You get little raindrops from the sky. I wash my face with them and it makes them shiny like the moon.

Learning about Diwali made me feel everything except sad and mad

Evidence of Religious Education

Cygnets Nursery Reception Year 1 Year 2

RE Websites for Children

BBC Bitesize KS1 - Religious Education


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