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All parents are welcome!!

The Cobbs' Parent Teacher Association (PTA) is simply a group of parents and teachers who meet from time to time to arrange fundraising events which benefit pupils, parents and staff at The Cobbs.

The Cobbs' PTA (formerly Cobbs' Home School Association) was started in 2006 to help enrich the education, opportunities and experiences of the pupils at The Cobbs, by organising activities for the children and social events for the adult members of our community.

The Cobbs' PTA has registered status, so that the money raised at our fundraising events can be donated to the school and a range of charities/charitable causes, or used to pay for school equipment and social events.

Who are we?

The PTA currently consists of:

  • a committee of Trustees (including 4 Officers - Chairperson, Vice-chair, Treasurer and Secretary)
  • class representatives in all classes including nursery
  • a host of many other parents who provide their support on an ad hoc basis.

All committee members are voted in at the Annual General Meeting (AGM).

PTA Commitee Members (2021-2022)

 Name  Role  Parent to Child in Class
 Sandra Joseph  Chair  Class 9
 Katherine Stevenson  Vice Chair  Class 5 / Cygnets
 Jenn Boyles  Secretary  Class 5
 Laura Emmess  Treasurer  Class 9
 Iona Nuttall  Committee Member  Classes 5 / Class 7
 Donna Marsh  Committee Member  Class 7
 Staff Members
 Sarah Gleave  Teacher  
 Sarah Taylor  Headteacher  

Class Representatives (2021-2022)

 Class  Name
 Cygnets  Karen Jagan / Katherine Stevenson
 Owls  Anna Kavenagh
 Robins  Kayleigh Marley
 Class 1  Jasmine Boyle
 Class 2  Sian Roberts
 Class 3  Sue Kelly
 Class 4  Jane Sansbury
 Class 5  Sally Houghton
 Class 6  Laura Emmess
 Class 7  Donna Marsh
 Class 8  Janet Doorgakant
 Class 9  Sandra Joseph / Sian Roberts

Since it was founded in 2006, the PTA has raised over £40,000. Here is just a small example of some of the resources the PTA has been able to fund or part fund:

  • Interactive touchscreens for all year groups in school
  • School mosaic sign
  • IT computers, software and mini laptops
  • Outdoor play castle and pirate ship
  • Wet play boxes
  • Wild Garden materials and observation post
  • Willow ‘den’ for Cobbs' Nursery and the Outdoor Classroom
  • New running track
  • New reading books

This year we have some fantastic plans in the works, including:

  • Christmas Card fundraiser
  • Cinema Night for Year 2
  • Cinema Night for Year 1
  • Cinema Night for Reception
  • Year Two party (with professional entertainers)
  • Year One party (with professional entertainers)
  • Reception party (with professional entertainer)
  • Nursery tea party
  • Christmas 'Secret Room'

Other fundraising events include:

  • Cakes sales
  • Pre-Loved Uniform Sales
  • Crazy Hair Day in February

We will be arranging an exciting fundraising event later on this year, so watch this space!

If you have read this and like what we do, join the PTA!  We are a really friendly group of people who would appreciate more supporters however much time you are able to commit. Please contact the school office for more details.

Like to get involved?

The PTA relies on volunteers to ensure events can continue to be organised and to help raise funds. We are always looking for new people to get involved and bring fresh ideas. Your involvement in The Cobbs' PTA can be as big or as small as you wish, because every little helps! If you are interested in getting involved with the PTA, as a future committee member, class representative or an occasional helper, please contact one of the Committee Officers via email at pta@thecobbs.org.uk. Alternatively, please speak to the School office who will pass on a message.

Terms of Reference

All parents, carers and teachers of children at The Cobbs Infant and Nursery School are automatically members of the Cobbs Parent and Teacher Association (PTA). Our meetings and events are open to everyone who wishes to join us.

We hold our Annual General Meeting (AGM) in September, at the start of the school year. At this meeting, a committee is elected to run the PTA consisting of a Chair, Vice Chair, Treasurer and Secretary. There are two teachers on the PTA and all consultation with the school is through them. Despite our roles (which are in accordance with the national PTA rules), we are an informal group with a goal of trying to make fundraising fun.

The PTA, as a whole, usually meets once a term, and we set up smaller working groups to organise individual events.

Aim of the PTA

To raise funds to improve and enhance the educational and social experiences of Cobbs children, their teachers and their families.


Cobbs PTA communicates with parents through email updates and newsletters, the PTA page on the school website and through the weekly What’s On (sent by the school). Dates of meetings are published on the school calendar, the What’s On and the PTA page on the school website. Meeting minutes are kept on the PTA page of the school website. The PTA can be contacted by email: pta@thecobbs.org.uk


Cobbs PTA raises money by organising and managing various fundraisers throughout the school year. The money raised by the PTA is used to purchase educational tools, playground equipment, classroom supplies and is also used to pay for special events for the children which the school would otherwise not be able to afford.

The following areas fall outside the remit of the PTA:

  • Issues relating to confidentiality
  • School management
  • Curriculum or time-tabling
  • Staff selection or appointment
  • School hours or holidays
  • School Budget
  • Specific circumstances of individuals


If you cannot find the information you are looking for, please contact us.

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