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The topic for our Reception children this half term is ‘Helping Hands’ with a particular focus on superheroes. We will be reading some fantastic books like ‘Super Daisy’, ‘Eliot Midnight Super Hero’ and our favourite ‘Supertato’. Children will be retelling the stories on the small world table as well writing about the stories and characters in their books. 

Our role play areas this time will be hospitals where children can continue to develop their speaking and listening skills as well as their PSHE learning about keeping healthy. In history we are finding out about Florence Nightingale and comparing nurses in the past to nurses in the present day. 

In science we will be learning about plants by planting sunflowers seeds and monitoring their growth. By reading books like ‘Billy’s sunflower’ we will develop or understanding about lifecycles and growth and decay. We will also be planting flowers in our outdoor area which we will be looking after carefully.  

Sculpture is our focus in art for this term and we will be learning about the artist Paul Johnson who created sculptures from paper.  We will also be finding out about local sculptors who work with metal and clay as well as creating our own sculptures. As we walk around school we will be spotting the sculptures in the grounds like the sleeping giant and our metal flower. 


After half term our topic will be called ‘In the Wild Garden’. The children’s learning will centre around minibeasts and fairies.  They will be using non-fiction books to find out facts and information about minibeasts particularly butterflies. We are looking forward to our caterpillars arriving so that we can find out about the lifecycle of a butterfly first hand. In the Wild Garden we will be searching for minibeasts, naming and drawing them carefully. As always we will be observing the weather and seasonal changes and will be particularly looking at shadows at different times of the day. 

The King of Tiny Things’ is our key text for this half term and we will be retelling the story as well as writing a character description of the king himself. The text also helps us to think about the importance of caring for living things and the environment. In the Wild Garden we will be designing and making fairy gardens for The King of Tiny Things and his friends. 

India is the focus for our geography work this half term and we will be comparing life in India to life in Appleton using texts including ‘Monsoon Afternoon’.  

During this half term we will also be getting ready for Sports day and enjoying meeting our new teacher on changeover day. 

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