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Our main topic this half term is 'What a wonderful world!' with a particular focus on winter weather and cold lands. In the role play areas we have an Antarctic Explorers hut with penguins and a fishing hole. Children will be drawing maps, writing non-fiction texts and learning about penguins. Inuits will inhabit our small world tables with their huskies, sledges and igloos.  There are lots of lovely wintery books that have inspired our Literacy planning including ‘Polar Bear Polar Bear’, ‘The Mitten’ and ‘Lost and Found’. 

In Science we will be thinking about freezing and melting, using our water tray and outdoor area for hands on exploration. We will also be planting an amaryllis bulb and observing the changes as it grows. Towards the end of the half term we will be reading ‘Can’t you sleep little bear?’ and thinking about light and dark. We will be making our own lantern in the workshops and also celebrating Chinese New Year. In PE we will be trying some Chinese Lion dancing as well as eating Chinese food and creating Chinese crafts and artwork. In History we will be continuing to compare modern objects with those from the past and will be reading ‘Peepo’ to help us with our understanding. 


In the second part of this term our topic is ‘What can you find at the farm?’ We will be investigating different kinds of farms and looking at where our food comes from. Our role play areas will be Farm Shops where we will be learning about money and weighing as we sell fruit and veg to our friends! Our small world play tables will be farms for us to retell all the farm stories that we will be reading. In the workshop and construction areas we will be building model tractors and making farm maps. Our Literacy work will be centred around the author Martin Waddell as we read 'Farmer Duck' and 'Pig in the Pond', acting out the stories and writing speech bubbles for the characters. We are also looking forward to a visit from an old and a new tractor and some farm animals. 

In Science we will be learning about animals and their young and are very excited about having frogspawn on our science table. We look forward to watching it develop into tadpoles and frogs (fingers crossed!). We then plan to visit our Wild Garden to release them back into our school pond. In our outdoor area, we will be observing the changes in the spring weather and hope to begin growing our own food. In art we will be drawing and painting spring flowers and recreating Van Gogh’s ‘Almond Blossom‘painting. 

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