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The topic for our Reception children this term is ‘Helping Hands’. Following the interests of lots of the children, their learning will include a focus on Superheroes. Role play areas will have a ‘helping hands’ theme thinking about people who help us including doctors, teachers etc. 

In Art they will be turning themselves into Superheroes and creating superhero wristbands and belts. They will also be making Superhero puppets from wooden spoons. These characters will then help us to create stories and write character descriptions supported by reading a range of texts linked to superheroes including ‘Super Daisy’ and ‘Eliot Midnight Superhero’. 

In Science, Reception will be thinking about growth and changes. We will continue to watch our tadpoles change into frogs and will be planting and growing sunflowers. We will continue to learn about Vincent Van Gogh and will be looking at his famous painting ‘Sunflowers’. In our beds outside children will be growing potatoes and then they will be thinking about healthy eating and exercise.  We will also be testing materials in our water tray to see if they sink or float. 


After half term our topic will be called ‘Who lives in the Wild Garden?’ The children’s learning will centre around minibeasts and fairies.  They will be using non-fiction books to find out facts and information about minibeasts particularly snails. We will also be writing our own non-fiction texts about beans and sunflowers. 

We will be taking lots of opportunities for outdoor learning in the Wild Garden as we build fairy homes and create mini-beast sculptures. The children will also be reading ‘The King of Tiny Things’ and thinking about looking after the environment and the creatures in it. We always enjoy 'bug hunting' around our Wild Garden and looking closely at the similarities and differences of the minibeasts that are found. 

In Science this term Reception will also be testing bubble mixtures and exploring shadows at different times of the day. We will continue to observe the weather and seasonal changes in our environment. 

Inspired by Vincent Van Gogh we will be creating our own sunflower pictures in his style. 

During this half term we are also looking forward to changeover day and Sports Day. 

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