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Our music curriculum intends to inspire creativity, self-expression and confidence. We aim to develop children’s knowledge and appreciation of  music from different periods, genres, traditions and styles. A love for music is fostered through exposing children to diverse musical experiences, composing using tuned and untuned percussion instruments, finding their voices as singers and developing their confidence as performers.

We believe that music is a unique way of communicating that can inspire and motivate children from the earliest age and continue to provide fulfilment throughout life.  The children’s musical journey begins in nursery where they are encouraged to explore making sounds in different ways, listen and respond to a range of music and sing songs and nursery rhymes.  We use our extensive grounds to undertake sound walks and explore environmental sounds and children’s learning is enhanced through the use of our outdoor music shed where they create their own compositions to perform to each other.

Our WOW Experiences

What Music looks like in our school

In Reception and Key Stage One we have adopted the Charanga music scheme as we believe in a practical, exploratory and child led approach to musical learning. The solid foundations from nursery continue to develop as children engage in weekly lessons which develop their understanding of the Interrelated Dimensions of Music. Through listening and appraising activities, children are inspired by music from different historical periods, genres and traditions, including the works of great classical through to modern day composers. Access to a range of quality resources, including tuned and untuned percussion instruments and the use of technology, ensures that children acquire the musical vocabulary and skills to develop their ability to compose and play music. See What Music looks like in our school above.

An Introduction to Charanga

In addition to our weekly music lessons, music is used to inspire and embed learning in many areas of the curriculum. In EYFS children learn to order the days of the week through daily singing of our 'Days of the Week' song. In Key Stage One, the 'Continents' song is used to help recall key geographical knowledge.  Music is also used to bring our school community together in assemblies and concerts.  Children experience performing to a wider audience in our Christmas concerts and Leavers’ concerts and also within our local community. In Year Two children have the opportunity to join the Choir and Hand Bell Clubs. Musicians are regularly invited into school to provide workshops and performances to further enhance children's learning. See Our WOW experiences above.

See what our children think about Music in Pupil Voice below.

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