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We recognise that all of our school community make a positive contribution to our school and we value and welcome that support.  School Governors are volunteers who attend meetings and work to further the school’s development.  They attend full governing body meetings each term, together with being a member of particular specialist committees, details of which you can find below. Together with the Headteacher, they set the future direction for the school and decide how the school’s budget should be spent.  Governing bodies make decisions collectively on matters such as finance, performance targets, school policies and the school's improvement.  They respond to Ofsted recommendations and provide the Headteacher with support and advice.  School governors help the Headteacher to decide school policy for the management of the school.

We are very proud of our School Governing Body.

All the Governors, both current and those who have served during the past twelve months, have formally completed the pecuniary interest register to confirm whether they have any relationship, business or financial interests that are relevant to their position as governors of our school.  None of our governors have any pecuniary financial gain from our school. They have also declared that they are not governors of another school or educational establishment and are not related to any of the current staff.  This information is collated at the start of each committee or full governing body meeting and declared annually and held on a register. Any Associate Governors do not have voting rights but we are very grateful for the support and advice they provide.

If you are interested in becoming a governor, please check the schools weekly What’s On, Newsletters and any other correspondence which will inform parents and friends when a vacancy occurs.  Alternatively, please contact the school office.  All governors are appointed by the governing body of the school except for LA governors who are appointed by Warrington Borough Council.

Details of members of The Cobbs Infant and Nursery School's Governing Body are detailed below.

 Name Governor Appointment Date Appointed Period of Office to:- Date Stepped Down
 Kim Burdett Co-opted 01.11.17 31.10.21  
 Sue Collins Co-opted 03.07.15 01.09.23  
 Pamela Driscoll Parent 26.04.21 26.04.25  
 Katie Duggan Parent 10.11.20 10.11.24  
 Rachael Groves Staff 30.09.19 01.09.23  
 Heather Hanberry Co-opted 20.01.16 24.06.24  
 Amy Harper Parent 18.10.21 18.10.25  
 Janey Hellman Parent 11.03.22 11.03.26  
 Liz Jervis LA 06.05.21 06.05.25  
 Elizabeth Malone Co-opted 31.08.19 01.09.23  
 Donna Marsh Parent 10.11.20 10.11.24  
 Colin Tait Co-opted 11.08.16 30.08.24  
 Sarah Taylor Headteacher 31.01.20    
 Nina Berry Co-opted 27.01.17 24.06.24 31.08.21
 Kathy Bianchi Associate 20.01.16 24.06.24 31.12.21
 Louise Gibbons Parent 15.02.18 31.08.21 11.10.20
 Debbie Gittins LA 04.12.14 06.01.23 09.02.21
 Lyndsey Glass Headteacher 01.04.15   31.08.21
 Kim Payton Parent 01.09.17 31.08.21 31.08.21

Some members of our Governing Body have specific responsibilities for designated curriculum or subject areas.  These areas, together with committee membership are appointed and agreed at the autumn term meeting each year. The following documents detail specific governor responsibilities and governor committees with identified chair persons and governor attendance for committee and full governing body meetings.

Governor Committee List

Governor Attendance at Meetings

Sarah Taylor (Headteacher Representative)

I am delighted to have been appointed as the Headteacher of The Cobbs, having previously held the positions of Acting Headteacher and Deputy Headteacher here.  I have experience as a teacher, senior leader and SENDCO across various schools in the Warrington and Halton area. I am passionate about providing children with the best possible education so that each individual reaches their true potential. I am excited about my role as a Governor as I feel it will provide me with further opportunity to work alongside staff, families and our community to ensure our pupils are happy and learning through an enriched curriculum.

Donna Marsh (Chair and Parent Representative)

We have been so pleased with how Cameron has settled into Cobbs, and how he is progressing, which is largely due to the caring and supportive ethos of the school, and the wonderful staff.  We knew that he would face some challenges, and we cannot thank the school enough for the brilliant way in which they have worked with him, and us, to overcome them.  He has now just moved from year one into year two and has made a fantastic start, and our youngest son Euan has started in reception and is doing brilliantly. I have been a teacher for over fifteen years, and have taught across the primary age range, in a number of schools.  I am a qualified SENCo, and am currently in the final year of a Master's degree in Special Educational Needs and Disabilities.

Colin Tait (Vice Chair and Co-opted Representative)

I am a Chartered Engineer with experience of working in the private and public sectors in a safety critical industry.  

Originally from the North East, I moved to Stockton Heath with my wife and two young daughters over ten years ago.  Both of my children attend local schools and I believe that successful well managed schools, which provide stimulating and engaging learning opportunities, play a vital role in helping our children to develop their potential. I am committed to support The Cobbs in its aim to promote the highest educational standards for all in each area of the curriculum and will provide my experience of organisational management systems to support the governing body.

Liz Jervis (Local Authority Representative) 

I am a retired Mathematics teacher and a Chemical Engineer.

I have lived in this area of Warrington for over 25 years, my children attended The Cobbs Infant and Nursery School, I was chair of Governors at Broomfields Junior School and a Parent Governor and have taught mathematics at Bridgewater High School.

I am extremely proud of our local area and local schools, specifically The Cobbs Infant and Nursery School. My aim is to support The Cobbs to continue to provide the very best educational experience and outcomes possible for our children and am looking forward to seeing it continue to succeed, grow and develop as a continued leader of early year’s education.

Kim Burdett (Co-opted Representative)

I have lived in Warrington for over 20 years, and when it was time to decide which school our son should go to, we felt strongly that Cobbs was the right place for him. We were, of course, proven right as he thrived in the caring, nurturing and stimulating environment that the staff and governors have created. I’ve been volunteering in Cobbs for a few years now and I’ve absolutely loved spending time in school and with the children.  I thoroughly enjoy being involved with Cobbs and I want to ensure, as a governor, that I help the school to continue the wonderful educational experience that it provides for the children. 

Katie Duggan (Parent Representative)

I am a qualified Speech and Language Therapist and following starting my career in the NHS I have worked in health leadership roles in various charities across the North West who provide education for children and young people with learning disabilities, autism, associated behaviours of concern and sensory impairment. I have recently been appointed as a Director at the Seashell Trust in Cheadle. I am passionate about promoting positive educational outcomes for all children regardless of the challenges they face. As a family we have lived in the Warrington area for over 10 years and our son started in reception in September 2020.

Pamela Driscoll (Parent Representative)

I have two daughters.  My eldest started her journey at Cobbs in Cygnets class when she was two years old, moving through preschool and has now started in reception. The welcoming environment and caring nature of all the staff has been key in our decision to send our children to Cobbs.

Professionally I am a bilingual PA working for a large international corporation having previously lived and worked in various other European countries. I hope to use my organisational skills to help Cobbs and the Governing Body run smoothly and streamline processes where necessary. Through my experiences I am convinced that children benefit from exposure to vast and varied opportunities and this is something I am passionate about promoting within Cobbs.

Amy Harper (Parent Representative)

I have two children in Cobbs and would consider it a privilege to further support the educational experience the school and nursery provides.  I have been impressed at the paperless nature of communication at Cobbs and have been involved professionally with improving computer systems and ensuring they are meeting the needs of their users.   

Currently, I work in the BBC’s Childrens and Education department and specifically within a team which aims to provide safe, fun and ethical digital experiences for children. This aligns with my own values and the values I see at work in Cobbs too.

Janey Hellman (Parent Representative)

I have two young children who benefit from the wonderful Cobbs education. They both joined in September 2019 and love going to Cobbs.  As parents we have been very pleased with the warm, caring and vibrant ethos of the school. We feel that Cobbs has given both girls a strong start in their education. They have both gained confidence and have developed some lovely friendships at Cobbs.  

I work in the charity sector and am currently employed as a Trusts and Grants Fundraiser for a regional youth charity.  Prior to my current role I worked in corporate fundraising for a number of different regional and national children's health charities.  

I'm from Canada and moved to the UK in 2012, living in Bristol until 2018 when we moved to Warrington to be closer to family after our second child was born.  I'm looking forward to contributing to the Cobbs community as a member of the Governing Body.

Rachael Groves (Teaching and Staff Representative)

I started teaching at Cobbs in 2018, following my NQT year at another Warrington school.  In 2019 I gained my MEd in Professional Practice, having previously gained a degree in Psychology from the University of Liverpool.  I enjoy being part of the fantastic team of staff at Cobbs who are all dedicated professionals, focussed on ensuring our children are nurtured and educated to the highest possible standard in a caring and enjoyable environment.  I am keen to ensure that I can provide an appropriate means of communication between staff and governors to the mutual benefit of the management of the school.

Sue Collins (Teaching and Co-opted Representative)

I have been a teacher at Cobbs since 1997 and Assistant Headteacher since September 2015. I have worked in every year group managing Year 1, Year 2, Reception and Nursery. Both of my girls attended this school and thoroughly enjoyed their time here, making excellent progress both academically and personally. I believe that it is the caring and creative ethos of the school that built their confidence and inspired their imagination. I thoroughly enjoy working at this school and currently lead the EYFS Team and also represent the teaching staff on the Governing Body. I am committed to making our children’s first steps on the path of education as exciting and enjoyable as I can.

Heather Hanberry (Co-opted Representative)

I have been employed at the school for over twenty years having previously been employed in personnel and recruitment.  I was Clerk to the Governing Body up until 2016 when I was invited to use this experience and become a Co-opted Governor. I enjoy my role within the school immensely and have thoroughly enjoyed welcoming many families to our school community over the years. 

There have been many changes in the education system over the years but throughout this, I believe the ethos of our school being a caring child centred environment has remained a constant throughout this time.

Dr. Elizabeth Malone (Co-opted Representative)

I am Head of Primary Initial Teacher Education Programmes at LJMU, where I have taught on a variety of routes for the past ten years. Prior to working at LJMU I worked as a primary teacher, in the UK and abroad, specialising in foreign language education (French and Mandarin). I am passionate about enabling pupils and trainee teachers to achieve their potential through a commitment to social justice. In my spare time (which is increasingly disappearing due to the increasing numbers of small children in my household) I enjoy participating in sports, from open water swimming to triathlons, to surfing to bog snorkelling.

Lisa Adams (Clerk to the Governing Body)


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