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COVID-19 Information - September 2020

What you need to know:

  • Please familiarise yourselves with our current school procedures during this challenging time
  • Ensure you are aware of the NHS definition of symptoms
  • Refer to the poster below as required – it provides detailed information on school attendance
  • Use the detailed links for the most up to date information
  • Please do not hesitate to contact the school if you have any concerns at any time.  The best way to do this is to email the school office.

Guidance on symptoms of coronavirus (children :


Guidance on self-isolation :


Please continue to monitor your emails.  Any information will be sent to you this way, including, in the event that we have to make arrangements about your child’s attendance.  It is likely that this would be, at short notice.  We are doing everything in school to keep our community safe and with the compliance of all of us, we aim to ensure that continues.  In the event that your child does receive a positive test result for coronavirus, please inform us immediately.  You can email this address or ring 01925 264616 and leave a message any day at any time.  The sooner we are able to act on this information helps us to keep our school family safe.

COVID-19 Information - September 2020 Update

We have now been contacted by Warrington Borough Council who have set out additional measures that they believe need to be put in place in response to the present situation because COVID-19 cases are rising again nationally, with particular increases in Warrington along with several other areas.  This has been published in the news, social media, the media and the council website.

As a school with particularly young children, we have always been quick to respond to government guidelines and we would like to take this opportunity to remind you of measures currently in place and inform you of additions now made to our current procedures.  The changes are as follows:-

New measures in place

• All adults to wear a face covering when visiting or entering school or nursery premises.  This means outside the building, at drop off, in the playground, accessing any of the drops off points.  In fact the whole of our school setting.  The only exclusion to this is people who cannot put on, wear or remove a face covering because of a physical or mental illness or impairment, or disability.  The wearing of face coverings does not apply to children under the age of 11.

• Please do not drop forgotten items into the office,  teachers will ensure that children have access to everything the children need whilst in school

• If you need to get a message to teaching staff, please email the school office who will ensure the details are passed on.  We need to ensure traffic moves quickly within school to ensure the amount of people on school premises for any length of time is as short as possible.  If you are particularly worried, you can ring the school office from 8am. 

Please continue with the following

•  Arrive and leave promptly when dropping off/ collecting your child. Please do not congregate, and please maintain social distancing - as we know that the virus is easily transmitted when people don’t keep their distance from others 

•  Only one adult should enter the premises for drop-off and pick-up 

• Continue with our one way system to school and nursery.  Remember you can bring your child any time between 8.45am an 8.55am and collect from school between 3.00pm and 3.10pm.  Nursery is 2.50pm and 3.00pm.  We are not currently marking children as late because of the queuing system.  We are also not currently operating our attendance reward scheme.

Importantly, if you or your child is displaying any symptoms of coronavirus, which were issued to you earlier in the week, self- isolate and book a coronavirus test immediately. Please remember, however, that you should only book a test if you have symptoms. You can find out more at warrington.gov.uk/coronavirus 

Your support of our setting and of the requests we have made during this year have been overwhelming and we would like to thank you in advance for supporting the current new initiatives.  We know that you, like us want to do everything you can to keep our schools open and safe

During the pandemic, many people are struggling to cope and often seek support in many ways.  Footsteps are a registered charity who aim to provide support to family members or indeed anyone who is affected by somebody else’s substance misuse.


Well-being Support Material

ChatHealth Text Support Service for Parents, Carers and Teens

Bridgewater Community Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust is beginning the roll out of a new secure text messaging service for parents and carers of children and young people aged 0-19 years old, enabling them to get timely and trusted health advice from a health professional (a Health Visitor or School Nurse).

As our lives have changed over the last few months due to coronavirus, it’s more important than ever for young people’s families to have easy access to support, particularly in the absence of face to face interaction.

The service (which is available in Warrington, Halton and Oldham) does not aim to replace face to face contacts, rather increase choice for service users about how they access advice from a health professional and provides a new line of communication as face to face contact is reduced. 

The ChatHealth text number will operate Monday-Friday from 9am until 5pm. Messages will be responded to within 24 hours during this period. Outside these hours, service users will receive a ‘bounce back’ text message indicating that they will receive a response when the line re-opens. Of course, ChatHealth is not an emergency service, and accordingly parents will be instructed to follow usual advice in seeking urgent medical attention. 

The text numbers for Warrington are:

·     11 - 19 Young People's Service – 07507 330101

·     0 - 5 Parents' Service – 07507 327981

·     5 - 19 Parents' Service – 07480 635994

  Or visit chathealth.nhs.uk to start a chat

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