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We are going to be approaching the weekly spelling homework in Key Stage 1 in a different way. Each week your child will bring home a sentence which will include five words that we need him/her to learn. Your child should learn to spell the words individually and also to write them in the sentence. Most of the words will use a spelling pattern learnt in school that week and there may also be some high frequency ‘tricky’ words.

In school the following week, the children will be expected to be able to write the sentence when dictated, spelling each word correctly. They will have the chance to do this twice during the week. On the Friday, when the sentence will be dictated for a third time, the children will write it in the back of their homework book so that you will be able to see how they have performed.

In addition to writing the sentence, the children will be expected to be able to spell each word orally when they take part in a class ‘Spelling Bee’ during the week. When spelling a word orally the children are expected to use the correct letter names and NOT the phonemes used for blending and segmenting. Please help your child to do this at home. They must say the word, then spell it using letter names, then say the word again (e.g. “hair H-A-I-R hair”).

There will be an additional sentence provided as a challenge and able spellers will be encouraged to learn the words in both sentences.

Thank you for supporting your child’s learning at home and we hope that this new approach to weekly spelling tests will be an interesting and useful way for your child to learn spellings.


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