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Spiritual, moral, social and cultural education is promoted through all subjects and permeates everything we do in school. It is part of our ethos and everyone working in school recognises that it is of paramount importance in developing children’s sense of self, their happiness and their growing understanding of others and the world in which they live.

The display board in our school library displays examples of SMSC learning and is changed regularly.

Spiritual Development

In our fast moving society it is more important than ever to provide the space for children to reflect on their world and the wonders within it. We are constantly alert to incidental opportunities, enabling all children to respond to a stimulus that has excited or moved them in daily school life by pausing, reflecting and expressing their thoughts and feelings. We also make specific provision within subjects to ensure such opportunities arise.

Curriculum - SMSC

Moral Development

Children are taught and enabled to respect themselves, others and the environment throughout their time in Cobbs. They begin to understand the meaning of and the need for the fundamental British value of individual liberty.

All children respect and try to keep our school Golden Rules at all times. Children understand the need for this shared code of right and wrong, that it is fair and leads to the safety and happiness of all. They are encouraged to relate this to the need to keep the laws of the land in wider society and start to understand the fundamental British value that is the Rule of Law.

Social Development

Children take part in many learning activities across the curriculum that involve close cooperation with others. Children are taught to listen, respond and express their own views clearly.

Opportunities are taken to introduce children to an understanding and respect for the fundamental British value of democracy through voting activities (such as voting for Golden Time activities). Also, when we heard that our local library was to be closed, Year 2 wrote to the local MP and asked him to keep Stockton Heath Library open as part of their learning about democracy.

The Friends of the School met with members of the PTA to discuss bag designs for our new school bag. The children brought their ideas to the meeting so the PTA could use these when sourcing suppliers. The children had thought carefully about how the bag will look, open and be used. The PTA members found their ideas useful.

Cultural Development and British Values

Children are taught to understand and appreciate aspects of their own culture and that of others within school and beyond.  They learn to accept, respect and celebrate differences in themselves and others and to appreciate how these can enhance their own and others’ life experiences. The fundamental British values of tolerance and mutual respect are incorporated in this.

Visitors to school provide first hand experiences of our own and different cultures. We often draw on school contacts such as parents and engage with local residents at a different stage of life to us. Visiting musicians and theatre groups enable children to engage in cultural experiences provided by specialists in their fields. Many of these experiences are recorded in our attractive school diary, which is kept in the library.



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