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Physical Education (P.E.) ensures that our children have the knowledge to begin and maintain a healthy lifestyle. It helps them to be part of the local community and the wider world. Our children enjoy their PE learning as they explore new skills and experiences with their peers, collaborating and thinking creatively. We promote respect for ourselves and others and celebrate diversity.

In the Early Years, PE is about improving the skills of coordination, control, manipulation and movement.  In our school we believe effective physical development helps children to gain confidence in what they can do, feel the benefits of being healthy and active and have a positive sense of wellbeing.

Children have the opportunity to access planned activities that offer appropriate physical challenges through continuous outdoor provision and through timetabled gymnastics, dance and outdoor games lessons.  We also encourage the development of fine and gross motor skills through the provision of suitable resources, for example riding bikes and using scissors, throughout the day.  This includes opportunities for children with physical disability or motor impairment to develop their physical skills.

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What Physical Education looks like in our school

In Key Stage One, all children access two hours of PE a week through planned dance, gym and games slots in the hall and outside playground. We encourage an ethos of inter and intra competitions throughout the year and the opportunity for all children to take part in sport and enjoy and achieve. We value the contribution that outside agencies can provide and use their expertise to support our teaching and learning of PE. We believe being healthy and experiencing the opportunity to achieve in sport is paramount for our children. See What Physical Education looks like in our school above.

All children have planned PE lessons each week and a variety of resources and equipment is used in the lessons. The running track has become an important part of our healthy schools ethos and is used each day to help improve fitness.

We actively encourage all children to attend after school sports related clubs. See our children's thoughts on Physical Education in Pupil Voice below.

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